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2018 Winter Olympic Freestyle Women's Mogul Skier


Madii Himbury is a 2018 Winter Olympic Mogul Skier based in Sydney, AUS.  Towards the end of 2020 Madii made her way to Brisbane with her coach Josh Himbury to take part in a training camp utilising the new Sleeman Centre Ski Jump, a world class jumping facility dedicated to elite winter sports athletes.

Madii hasn't had a smooth path to success with the demands of her sport leading to three ACL ruptures, lumbar stress fractures, recurring neck pain (impact related) and a severe shoulder injury since she began her elite sporting career.  As a result of these injuries, Madii is a very well versed, well-rounded athlete who's athleticism would surprise you.  It's no surprise that spending time in the gym each week is a crucial part of Madii's training.

Madii Ski.jpg

Don't know much about Freestyle Mogul Ski?

Check out Madii's Olympic video describing her time in PyeongChang and one of her runs (1:50).

'Freestyle Mogul Ski is a winter sport event involving a combination of aerial manoeuvres (two jumps), negotiating bumps (moguls) and turns at blistering speed.  Scores are based off time (20%), aerial manoeuvres (20%) and turns (60%).

Incredible ski, athleticism and courage is a must!

With Madii being based in Australia, time on the snow is not always a possibility so a combination of different training modes are used to help Madii prepare for the huge demands of mogul ski including the use of ski ramps (water landing), trampolines, running (aids in reintroducing impact load), jumping/plyometrics and of course, strength training.

While up in Brisbane, Madii works primarily off a Three Day training cycle (based primarily around jumps & strength work) to allow her to achieve that fine balance between training and recovery to manage her training load leading up to her upcoming (current) Europe trip for a snow training block in preparation for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Italy (February 2021).

Below is an example of what Madii's S&C programs looked like while she was up here in Brisbane.

Only having Madii in Brisbane for three weeks for a jumps camp meant that her programming was very much based on slightly progressing and fine tuning her current training to help her continue to improve whilst also remaining fresh and healthy to handle the demands of ski jumping (impact of the water takes its toll on the body).

Example Session 1:

Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 6.05.45 pm.png

Example Session 2:

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 8.06.00 am.png

With Combining Madii's sporting demands, injury history, and training history 

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