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Written by:   Steve Whelan, 06/03/19

Single Leg Squat


TI'm a firm believer that the Single Leg Squat, or its variants including the pistol and skater squat are severely overlooked.

The Single Leg Squat to me is a no brainer.

  • Great lower limb strength developer (especially Gluteals/Quadriceps)

  • Requires a lot of balance = intrinsic foot/ankle stability, glute medius/VMO activation and trunk strength

  • Teaches athletes how to find balance between forefoot and heel in order to drop down inline with centre of mass rather than leaning forward/backward - good carry over to other lower limb strength exercises

  • Great active ankle mobility exercise

  • Frustratingly hard at first for majority of athletes/individuals, but shows great progress with consistent work

  • Features countless adaptable progressions/regressions to suit any fitness level

  • Effective movement screening test to show alignment/mobility/strength limitations of the foot, knee, hip and thoracic spine

  • Great for rehabilitation (shows clear strength progression, shows weakness vs. strength between limbs)

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