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The LIFT LIKE A GIRL Workshop aims at challenging the way women view strength training.

5 key movements of the; Squat, Deadlift, Pull-Up, Push-Up and Lunge should be the foundation of every strength training session, with mastering these exercises often difficult but necessary.

The Lift like a Girl Workshop is very practical.  

The whole day will be spent hands on with each participant being taught;

  • Why these exercises are important

  • How to perform each one of these exercises correctly

  • How to regress each exercise (make it easier)

  • How to progress each exercise (make it harder) and,

  • How to modify/problem solve for each exercise (injuries, limitations) to suit each person

Along with this, you will also be taught,

  • A series of accessory movements (eg. Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlifts, Rows, Trunk strengthening)

  • How to put these exercises together to form your own strength session

  • Why Women are different to Men when it comes to strength training and what you need to consider to get results

Each participant in the Lift Like a Girl Workshop will also receive a Workshop Manual full of exercise demonstrations, explanations and other key information, and will also be added to a Workshop Facebook Group designed at building a community and opening the connection lines for further questions.

2019 Dates TBA





Lift Like a Girl          


Steve Whelan



2019 dates TBA          


Elite Performance Gym, 3/17 Neumann Road, Capalaba




Steve Whelan, 0407 171 708,

Lift like a Girl is suitable for ALL women age 18 and above who want to learn how to lift properly and begin to discover the many health benefits strength training can have.  


Strength training is something that should no longer be feared.  With the correct technique and loading the results are endless.

Thank you! We will be in contact shortly!

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