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Bright athletics future ahead for 20 year old 1500m runner Adam Fogg!

After a stellar athletics season here in AUS with the OnTrack Run Squad I am proud to announce that Adam will be heading over to the USA to Drake University, Iowa (NCAA Div 1) to join their track team.

Foggy has always been known as a quality runner, but with the help of his Head Coach Ben Norton, he has been able to drop his PB from 3.59.11 in high school, to 3.44.06 this year at the Australian Track & Field Championships to quality for the Mens Final, and to further his PB to 3.40.43 in Watford (UK) in June this year.

'For those who are not familiar with 1500m times, that works out to an average of 2.27 minutes per km'

The Aus record sits at 3.31.06 by Ryan Gregson in 2010

I have personally worked with Foggy since 2015 with his Strength & Conditioning, helping him continue to get stronger, move better and stay relatively injury free (only minor running niggles) to continue to perform at this elite level. 

I wish Foggy all the best in his first semester in the US and look forward to catching up later in the year when he returns for end of year break!

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