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(Junior & u20 AUS 1500m, Steeplechase & Cross Country, NCAA Florida Gators)

I have been working with Steve for 6 years now and my performances and achievements on the running track have been greatly assisted through Steve’s support, knowledge and wisdom in the area of strength and conditioning.

His individualised programming has helped me stay injury free throughout my running career and develop the foundations in order to achieve my aspirations.


He is authentic and communicates honestly with respect to your program and individual actions/outcomes so that you harness the opportunity to achieve your goals. The knowledge Steve brings to every session is outstanding and combined with his professionalism contributes to producing successful results.

Not only this, but the humour and personality Steve brings to each S&C session is what makes me enjoy it so much.



(OnTrack Running, Level 4 Athletics Coach, 2018 YOG & Oceania Australian Middle Distance Coach)

Steve has written S & C programs for my athletes for over 9 years now.  I love his rapport, demeanour and interaction with our runners.  Steve explains what muscles need to be targeted for each exercise, he gets them complete.  This transfer of knowledge empowers the athletes to succeed when they must train by themselves. 

With Steve’s hard work and expertise on our S & C program, he has helped develop numerous State and National Champions.  Our Running program has also had 12+ athletes represent their country in the last 5 years with numerous athletes becoming college athletes. 

When it comes to his craft, Steve is truly knowledgeable and talented.  


(AUS Elite Womens Aquathlon/Triathlon)

I have been training with Steve for over 9 years now and my performance has improved out of sight. Not only have I been able to reach my own athletic goals (and more) and stay injury free, Steve has helped me to grow as an athlete mentally as well. The quality of the programs is unlike anything I have ever seen before, with all sessions and plans targeted to match each athlete's requirements with incredible accuracy. His professionalism and passion to his work is admirable and make training so much more enjoyable!



(1st Grade Rugby League Athlete)

I’ve been working with Steve for a few years now and the results I have achieved to date are largely due to Steve’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting.  His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work, and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success, and set the foundations for a healthier lifestyle and better performance.


(Rehab turned Strength & Conditioning)

Steve’s deep undertanding of the body’s physiology enables him to tailor specific training for each and every one of his clients; not just the “one size fits all” programs I have experienced with other trainers. Under Steve’s capable guidance, I have been able to improve my functional strength and recover quickly from injuries, including “prehab" before knee surgery allowing for a faster, pain free recovery.  I highly recommend Steve for any training needs, whether it be strength and conditioning, injury management and rehab, or athletic performance.

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